Are you looking to buy or sell a property and are anxious that you may be taken advantage of? Naturally, you want the best return on your investment and don't want to be surprised by unknown charges and other nasty surprises that were hidden in the fine print. Fortunately, the experienced and dedicated notaries at Law Offices Of Eran Regev Esq. will ensure that the deed of sale is signed in full concurrence and satisfaction of all parties involved. Moreover, we will make certain that you are well within your rights before you sell your property in order to avoid civil action. For instance, you must have the written consent of your spouse to sell your home, even if you are the head of household and the deed is solely in your name. This is because your spouse acquires occupancy rights to your home as soon as you marry them, even if you are the sole owner. 

Furthermore, we will ensure that all sale warranty proceedings will progress smoothly. That is, both the vendor and purchaser will be aware of any defects or zoning regulations and restrictions, prior to the signing of the agreement. However, it is possible that the vendor may have overlooked certain defects in the home that will only grow worse over time. Thus, you may end up getting stuck with their problems and expenses, while they leave unscathed. Such a predicament is unacceptable, and Law Offices Of Eran Regev Esq. will ensure that a full liability clause is included in the sale warranty-while respecting legal statutes. However, we can also limit or even eliminate liability altogether depending on the situation.

In addition, Law Offices Of Eran Regev Esq. provides several other real estate law services, including interim, commercial and residential financing and refinancing, rental and leasing, and subdivision based development and zoning. We also provide contract reviews and drafts as well as the purchase or sale of new or used properties. 

Thus, whether you are looking to sell or purchase a property contact Law Offices Of Eran Regev Esq. beforehand to ensure that all parties involved are fully satisfied before the ink has dried.

The Law Offices of Eran Regev, Esq. is dedicated to help homeowners stay at their homes and successfully stopped foreclosures even at the eve of the Foreclosure Auction date!  Many homeowners who fall behind on their mortgage payments mistakenly think that they have no defense for the foreclosure, and do not even bother to answer the Foreclosure Complaint, but ignoring the Complaint is the single biggest mistake a homeowner can do! By defaulting and not answering the complaint timely, the Homeowner waives crucial defenses, including with no limitations, the Lack of Standing Affirmative Defense!

Therefore, if you are served with a Summons and Complaint of Foreclosure, it is crucial to contact our office promptly so we can assess your case and answer the Complaint in a timely manner!  Our office has the necessary experience to assess the proprietary of your Mortgage and Note documents, Summons and Complaint, as well as other important legal notices your lender legally was required to serve you before commencing a foreclosure action against you.     

Moreover, our office even successfully vacated Judgments of Foreclosure and restored the Foreclosure actions back to the Court Calendar after finding defects at the Foreclosure actions, which warranted vacatur of the Judgment of Foreclosure.   

Quite often our office has not only successfully stopped the foreclosure, but our legal services facilitated a settlement with the Lenders, which lowered the Homeowners’ debt to the Bank by hundreds of thousands of Dollars!

We can only help you if you contact us and Time is of the Essence when it comes to Foreclosure Law—therefore, contact our office promptly at 516-472-0126, and make an appointment to review of your case as soon as possible.